The name EQUIPPING THE SAINTS RADIO, tells the story. We are dedicated to bringing you, our listening audience, members of the five-fold ministry, an avenue to assist you in accomplishing the purpose for which God has called you.

There is a world-wide famine, not of food, but of the true Word of God, which is more important now than ever. Man-made traditions and ideas are being presented as biblical truths. Elohim’s people are perishing for lack of knowledge. Here at Equipping The Saints Radio, our goal is to bring you the pure Word, unfiltered through the traditions of man.

Our programs are not here for entertainment purposes, therefore you will not find any entertainment value in them. Our programs are geared to supply you with what will be necessary to stand in this age and prepare you for what is yet to come.

All of our programs, whether it be music or spoken word, is geared to training and equipping you to accomplish God’s mission.